Monday, April 4, 2011

Vermont Hung With The Top Dogs

As Jim Nantz inflicted us with his latest cheesy declaration of the college basketball season coming to a close -- this year it was "UConn is Top Dog in 2011" -- Vermont fans had to be thinking about a game that took place nearly five months ago. On November 17th, the Catamounts led the 2011 national champion Connecticut Huskies 36-33 at the half. They would go on to lose the game 89-73 thanks to Kemba Walker's 42 points (a career high, and likely to remain just that when he enters the draft in the next twelve minutes or so).

Vermont, or any other team from Divisions I-III would have had a good chance at beating Butler tonight, as UConn did. The Bulldogs shot an absurd 12-64 from the field in the national championship game. That is futility that will be remembered for a very long time, unfortunately. Butler was an exciting team to watch throughout the month of March, but tonight was absolutely excruciating. Their big men looked like Muggsy Bogues vs. Manute Bol in the paint. Their guards tried their best to imitate T.J. Sorrentine every time down the floor. It was a disappointing outcome all around. And assuming Butler does not make another crazy run in March anytime soon, it will be a bad way to remember a team that gave inspiration to mid-majors everywhere during two straight NCAA tournaments.

Meanwhile, the Catamounts watched from Burlington, considering the next time they might see a Vermont jersey during the annual version of "One Shining Moment".

For a reminder on what that looks like, we go to the tape:

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