Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is America East a Two-Horse Race?

That odor you may smell is Maine's season going up in smoke. The Black Bears lost their fourth straight at Stony Brook, 81-79 in OT, dropping to third place in America East. While Maine is not even technically out of contention for first place, they have absolutely no momentum, and you have to wonder if they could end up falling even farther. It would be unlikely. As Dan King points out, Maine needs to win 2 out of 3 and fourth place Stony Brook will remain in fourth place even if they win out.

Coupled with Maine's struggles, Boston University's stellar play of late begs the question: Is America East a two-horse race between BU and UVM? BU has won four of five (and they are playing now against Hartford at home), the last three of which were in dominant fashion. If Vermont loses either against Binghamton tomorrow at home, or against Maine Wednesday on the road, the final game of the year between BU and Vermont could be for the regular season championship. It would require BU winning its next three games, but it seems like it could happen. If Vermont takes care of business against Binghamton and Maine, they win the regular season title outright.

It's starting to feel like the rematch of last year's America East Conference Championship is inevitable. It will be played exactly a month from today. Seems way too far away, doesn't it?

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