Saturday, February 5, 2011

UVM a 14 seed in Lunardi, RealTimeRPI Projections

Oddly enough, Vermont moved from off the board to a #14 seed in Joe Lunardi's February 4th projections. The seed matches Vermont's projected seed at The jump makes some sense, considering Vermont's RPI is 80, compared to Maine's RPI of 144. Yet, Maine has wins against Penn State and Massachusetts, while Vermont's marquee wins include...Yale? Siena? When Maine was still being projected in Lunardi's bracket, they were rated a #16 seed that would play in the First Four. Essentially, they would be one of the four worst teams in the bracket, according to Lunardi. So it's curious that Vermont garnered a #14 seed, but we will take it.

Interestingly enough, both brackets have Vermont playing Purdue in the first round.

As I have already pointed out in a previous post, bracket projections are a total crap-shoot, particularly for mid-major-one-bid conferences, and particularly when those projections are being made in early February.

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