Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More From MB23 (Except now he's number 15)

In my March 12th entry I discussed how our old buddy Marqus Blakely has been faring in the NBDL. He was faring quite well. In that entry, I broke down Blakely's NBDL numbers to date and of late (this rhyme scheme needs to stop), spotlighting the previous three games Marqus had played. Seeing as I'm going to see Marqus play the Austin Toros tomorrow, it's time for another update.

These are the key stats for Marqus in his most recent three games:
vs. Erie: 18 pts, 8-14 FG, 5 Rebs, 0 TO's
This is an AWFUL game for him, as you are about to see.
vs. SXF (which, without looking, I think is Sioux Falls?): 31 pts, 14-18 FG, 13 Rebs (SIX of them ORebs), 4 Blks.
@FWN (which, without looking, I think is... Fort Wayne. Wow, that took me a second): 28 pts, 10-11 FG, 10 Rebs.

So for those three games Marqus averaged 9.3 rebounds and 22.3 points on 32-43 shooting (74.4%). Oh, and his EFF rating jumped from 16.34 to 17.32. Since I didn't mention this in the last post, a player's efficiency rating is calculated like so:
{(Points+Rebounds+Assists+Steals+Blocks) - ((field goals attempted - field goals made) + (free throws attempted-free throws made) + Turnovers))}. Get it? Me neither. But I do know that 17.32 is a good efficiency rating.

Can someone sign this kid to an NBA deal already? I'm trying to wear that customized jersey.


  1. Outstanding report. You should be linked stronger to vtsportsnetwork.com

    Marqus is building up one hell of a resume for Europe, in all likelihood. Unless a bunch of those FGs are 3s, the Association may not be calling all that soon. MB23 is still a tweener to them.
    What is harder to measure, and ultimately his ticket to the big time is defensive stops other than blocks. Ain't NO team that doesn't need one of those on the bench. Lonergan always said that was where Marqus could make his living at the next level.
    Please keep up the great work.

  2. Oscar,
    I really appreciate it. I had previously stumbled upon vtsportsnetwork.com, but hadn't thought about it in awhile. I checked today (and maybe you already knew this) and one of my articles was on there! It was exciting for me.

    Thank you for the support, encouragement, and great feedback. Next year's projections are a day or two away. It's hard to make it a reasonable length.