Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blakey Traded to Iowa Energy

Marqus Blakely was traded by the Bakersfield Jam to the Iowa Energy for a future first-round pick on Monday. The Jam likely made the move because they have a bevy of wing players in their lineup.

It is universally acknowledged by scouts that Blakely has a huge upside. BasketballProspectus.com recently highlighted him as an efficient star who has a future in the NBA (article: ). The only downsides to Blakely's game have been apparent for a long time: he struggles shooting the ball from range, and at only 6'5", it's hard to imagine him playing power forward in the NBA. On the other hand, at some point people need to realize that someone who dominates at every level he has played at (averaging 13.0 ppg and 6.1 rpg in his first D-League season thus far), particularly at the defensive end of the floor (1.7 steals a game, just under 1 block per game), deserves a chance. His phenomenal athleticism brings a lot to the table. And most fans know Marqus doesn't have bad ups either. Not bad at all.

The real question is, can somebody find me that Iowa Energy Blakely jersey?

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