Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marqus Shafted In NBDL Dunk Contest

Marqus did not win the NBDL dunk contest. I don't get Versus, and I couldn't find any footage of the contest online, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume he either got shafted or L.D. (which stands for Larry Demetrius... obviously) Williams went nuts. Props to L.D. I guess.

Anyway, to cheer us Catamount fans up, I decided to post some miscellaneous videos of our boys dunking.

Brendan Bald proves Wesley Snipes and company wrong, once and for all.

Things I love about this video:
1) The mid-court outline of Vermont is phenomenal. Can we please bring that back?
2) Carberry is 6'2''
3) Carberry reverse jams so often, it actually is surprising when he goes up for a conventional, forward dunk.

I could post oodles of Marqus Blakely dunks here, but I'm sure you know how to use Youtube.

Dear Black Bears,
Look out below!

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