Saturday, January 29, 2011

UVM Rolls Past Albany, Maine Squeezes By Binghamton

Vermont nearly gained a share of first place. Maine rallied on the road from as many as 20 points down to beat Binghamton by 3 points. Vermont, also playing in New York, jumped out of the gate to another slow start before shutting the door in the second half beyond a huge night from Brandon Bald. He scored a career-high 20 points, including a thunderous jam late in the second half (expect a video soon).

The win left the standings in America East like this:

Maine: 8-1
Vermont: 7-2
Boston University: 5-4
Hartford: 4-4
Albany: 4-5
Stony Brook: 3-5
New Hampshire: 3-6
Binghamton: 3-6
UMBC: 2-6

If Vermont and Maine take care of business over the next several games, February 16th looms as large a date on the Catamounts calender as any, when they take a trip up to Orono to face the Black Bears.

As a Catamount fan, you have to like your team's chances this season. Sure, Maine spanked them in Burlington. But the Cats have shown that they take care of business against teams that they should beat. Out of their five losses this season, only the Boston University loss on the road is even somewhat questionable. And when you take care of business against the teams you should beat, it bodes well for the America East Conference tournament.

On a side note, UNH's Tyrone Conley busted out for 26 points in their victory over Boston University. UVM hopes Conley doesn't stay hot when he comes home to Burlington Monday night.

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  1. BINGHAMTON CRUSHIN BUCKETS. is that how you intriduce yourself to people? "im a blogger living in austin trying to follow my favorite college hoops team"